Noise Reduction Technology for Better Conversations
Easily answer calls and charge your phone while you're driving. The Pop Out Bluetooth Headset and Car Charger features an attractive look, high quality sound, and an innovative design that gives you easy access to your phone when you're on the road.
Safely Charge Your Phone Anytime
This sleek power bank features a slim design, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Plug your phone in anytime you need a charge to ensure you never run out of battery power. 4 LED lights indicate how much charge you have remaining.
Durable Aluminum Housing
Made With a durable aluminium housing, the Mounted Bluetooth Stereo Headset stands the test of time while also maintaining an attractive appearance that’s sure to make people take notice.
Keep in Touch While You’re Driving
Never worry about fumbling for your phone while you’re driving. Calls can be answered directly from the headset without ever touching your phone. And our sophisticated Voice Broadcast Technology means you can make calls by simply saying the number outoud.
Comfortable Ergonomic Design
The device‘s advanced noise-reduction and echo cancellation technology make sure your friends can always hear you clearly. This military class service blocks out road noise, engine noise, and other ambient sounds that can interfere with calls.
Instantly Know When You Have a Call
The Band Bluetooth Stereo Headset vibrates you when you’re receiving a call, instantly alerting you. You'll be able to answer your calls using your headset so you can start talking immediately without having to fumble for your phone.
Charge Your Phone Anywhere
Bring your PowerBank with you and plug your device in whenever you need a charge. There’s no need to find an outlet. Your phone will be charged quickly and safely so you never have to worry about running out of battery power.
MagicWave is dedicated to bringing you the latest in Bluetooth and audio technology. Our collection of headsets, chargers, and Bluetooth devices are designed to help keep you connected to what‘s important, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
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